How do I upload my evidence?

Login to your account here and follow the instructions. Your account was created when you entered the event. Please see this video here.

When can I start to upload my evidence?

The event starts on the 26th April 2021 – evidence can be uploaded from this day onwards. Activities must be completed on or after the 26th April – we cannot accept evidence from before the event start date.

Why can’t I see my team on the leader board?

The leaderboard updates every 10 minutes, so your team may not appear immediately after entry or recently uploaded evidence may not immediately take effect. Please have another look 10 – 12 minutes later to see an updated leader board.

How does the leader board work?

The event starts on the 26th April – this is when the event clock starts. Your time on the leader board is from your last upload, not the date of the actual activity in your upload. All evidence is counted in your running total, both approved and pending. We will conduct evidence audits on randomly selected entrants to check everything is in order! All prize winners will also have their evidence reviewed.

Can I change my team name?

Any changes to (or complaints about) team names need to be submitted to support@wlve.co.uk

Can I change my t-shirt size?

No – the size of shirt selected at entry is the size we will provide.

Can I change someone in my team?

No – unfortunately we cannot swap out team members as this would require removing all the out going member’s evidence and replacing it with the incoming member’s. If one of your team cannot continue then the event just became a little more of a challenge for the remaining team members!

When will I receive my event t-shirt?

We expect to send out t-shirts during the event (likely to be 4-6 weeks after the start of the event).

When will I receive my event medal?

Event medals will be sent out when you complete the challenge – so the sooner you complete it, the sooner you get your medal!